SalmonSounds - A 'Host Yourself' Discord Music Bot! SalmonSounds SalmonSounds is a 'host yourself' Discord Music Bot made using Discord.js. It is quite reliable with a few commands that many other bots lack. However, there are some missing popular features like pausing the music and adding to the queue, but there are definitely enough to suffice. Setup isn't difficult, but it is a little time-consuming. You just have to install Node.js, install the dependencies (listed in, and acquire a Discord Bot Token as well as a YouTube API 3 Key.
Known Languages When it comes to coding, I am best at JavaScript (both browser and Node.js). It's quite easy for me to use and understand. I am also pretty good at PHP, CSS, and HTML. I am learning Java and C++ at the moment.
Beginning Coding If you're a beginner to coding, the best thing I can suggest you can do is practice. Give yourself reasonable projects to complete and actually try and complete them. Try to learn and experience new things. Learn different API's and learn how major corporations make use of the language(s) you've chosen to learn. Try and figure out a purpose that you have for using the language you're striving to learn! Don't have a particular language you want to learn? Try Python! I don't particularly know it, but I hear it is quite easy! It can be used to program robots and is used by a ton of companies out there, big or small. Don't have a strong liking for it? Try JavaScript! It is a scripting language for the web. It is natively supported by almost every browser out there and can be used with Node.js to do some cool things with servers! Don't like it, either? Well, then. You can go directly in with the big boys and learn languages like C++ and Java, or you could take the slow-road (which is completely fine to do!) and learn HTML. HTML is a type of markup language used specifically for web design. It is quite literally just tags and attributes.
Understanding ALL OF IT Programming is the act of writing code that a computer can run. So if you're a programmer, you're a person who can write a program. A program is a set of instructions for the computer to follow. A programmer usually writes code using a programming language like C. Of course, there are those hardcore no-lifers who write code in binary, but it's a very impractical way of developing programs. Software is a set of programs and operating information used by the computer. An application is software meant to assist a user in performing a specific task. So if you're an application developer, you're technically a programmer. You're writing a program for a computer to execute. Hardware is the physical components of a computer. One such example of hardware is the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which is what handles the graphical requirements of the computer. Another example is the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The CPU is responsible for actually executing the programs on a computer.
Coding Help If you are stuck or need help regarding coding, the best thing I could advise you doing is simply using Google and searching for a solution to your problem! There are online Q&A websites such as StackOverflow, but they are very picky in what kind of questions you ask. If you really need help, go to StackOverflow. Just make sure you make your question easy-to-read, avoid rude or profane words, and post the code that is causing the issue and any code that is connected to it in the question itself. If the code is really long and it will take up too much space on the question, post the code on PasteBin, set it to expire at a certain time, put only the code causing the issue in the question, and add a link to the PasteBin.
Pros of Buying a Server Do whatever you want with it! It's YOUR server! Unless specifically instructed to do so, the manufacturer is not going to preinstall a bunch of crap or specifically limit you with what you can do with your server! You can use it for remote storage, you can use it as a router, you can use it as a web server, AND YOU CAN EVEN USE IT AS A VPN!
Cons of Buying a Server It's basically constant power consumption, can get quite noisy, sometimes needs caddies for storage, can be quite pricey, you need to set it all up yourself or have someone else do it for you.
You Already Have a Server You don't even NEED to buy a server. You can make your own. If you have an old PC that can at least be powered on, you can just use that! Erase the data from the HDD or SSD (Hard Disk Drive / Solid State Drive) and install Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS. BOOM! Instant server!
Virtual Machines What if someone walked up and told you that they could run 6 different computers all in just 1? They wouldn't be lying. That's the beauty of Virtual Machines. A Virtual Machine or VM is a bunch of reserved resources on a computer or server meant to act as though it was all on a separate machine. You can create one using something like VMWare and dedicate a certain amount of resources to it. Then install Linux on it. Now you have a computer running whatever OS it is running while also running a virtual computer running a Linux OS! Dual operating systems!
Professional Hosting Got paid professional hosting for a Linux Virtual Machine? It's literally all of the Pros of buying a server for yourself and almost none of the Cons. The only Cons are that you have to pay every set time period and whenever you're exceeding bandwidth levels and want to keep the server up and with the same performance. Some other Pros that are probably included are higher internet speeds (upload and download) for that Virtual Machine, an overall better ping to the Virtual Machine from all around if the same Virtual Machine is also saved to different servers in different regions by the hosting provider, and super-fast speeds that would normally cost you hundreds maybe thousands of dollars to replicate using a custom-built server!
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